Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grand Opening

Welcome to "All about Beer - UK", a beer-blog of beer-blogs….for beer-blogers and other beer-enthusiasts. This is a concept I started in Sweden 2 months ago and it has been a great success there. In Sweden it's called "Allt om Öl" ( which is the same as the name of this blog.
I'm a member of a Swedish beer-tasting society called "Humulus Lupulus", founded in 1987. My interest in beer started 23 years ago and my aim is to get swedish beer-culture to a higher status.
Hopefully you will find this site helpful in getting you beer-related news at one place.
Feel free to contact me with ideas or comments.
Once again - Welcome!

Pelle Stridh
Swedish beer-enthusiast and beer-writer 


  1. Tremendous idea, Pelle, thanks very much for organising it, embarrassed that it's taken a Swede to do this for us British beer bloggers.

    Just a couple of tiny points: I think you'll find the Beer Nut, for one, getting rather upset at being included under the label "UK". Dublin stopped being part of the UK, after some considerable unpleasantness, almost 90 years ago. (I'm not saying he should be banned from this site - just that you need a title that includes Ireland.) And does your umbrella encompass bloggers such as Ron Pattinson/Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, who is based in Amsterdam, but frequently covers matters concerning the UK?

  2. Thanks for your comments zythophile! I'm sorry for the naming…and I'll change it right away. Regarding Ron Pattinson, I would say he should be included under the label "International News" or do you have a better idea?
    Feel free to suggest other blogger to be included, and by the way, give feedback on what breweries should be included (I feel the list is a bit shorthanded). If you feel this beer-blogger-blog could have a purpose, please pass it on to other blogger-fellows of yours...

  3. Don't apologise, Pelle, you're doing a great job. I've given you a plug here and that should bring in some visitors.

    I'd include Ron as a British blogger: he writes more about British brewery history than anything else, and his European stuff is generally from the point of view of an experienced and educated British beer drinker.

  4. Not another bloody portal... Only joking ;-) Guess I can now stop following all these bloggers on Twitter. Or will I miss something? Better not.


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