Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dublin, here we come again!

Me, visiting Guinness, at our last visit to Dublin
On the 3rd of september, me and my fellow "beer club members" (and our wifes/girlfriends) are heading for Dublin. It's been almost 4 years since I was there the last time and I could only imagine that the beer scene has developed a lot.
I'm currently planning what pubs to visit and where to buy good beer. Hopefully I'll find some good restaurants to add to the list as well. 
I want to add some pubs that me and my wife missed at our last visit so all help are welcome.
So, fellow beer bloggers (and others), what are the best pubs to visit in your opinion? Where do we find a beer shop with a good selection of beers?
Anyone interested in meeting up with some beer geeks from Sweden, between 3-6 of September?


  1. Hi Pelle!
    I recommend you PORTERHOUSE PUB in Temple Bar and MESS.RS MAGUIRE close to O'Connell Bridge.
    They only serve their own craft beer, some of them are very nice!



  2. Thanks Angelo, for your input. I visited The Porterhouse Pub last time I was in Dublin, four years ago. They happened to have their "October Fest" that weekend so we really "struck gold", so to say. We will surely visit them again!

  3. Hi Pelle,
    I look forward to meeting you on Sunday at The Bull and Castle with Mark and a few others. There are a few new places that have opened up since you were last here.

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