Monday, June 14, 2010

Beer Genie - a useful new site?

Has anyone checked this new site, Beer Genie? This is stated on their site:
" is a website produced on behalf of the BBPA (British Beer and Pub Association) themed around beer's power of sociability".
I take it, it's supposed to be some kind of educational tool, especially for the non-real ale drinkers. Perhaps we can find something useful there as well. What do you think?


  1. It would be more useful if the education were based on actual facts rather than on myths and legends:

  2. I fully agree. I didn't check the content that well. I just thought it could be something for the less initiated people who want to take the leap into the magic world of quality beer. But then again, they need to do some quality checking on their content!

  3. Fear not, a little birdy tells me the beer history section is going to get a much-required overhaul …


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