Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The most envied job in the world?

Last week an old traditional job position was reinstated in London. After many rounds of blind tastings of stouts, lagers,  pale ales and porters, there were only the best ones left. The winner was just a one minute presentation  on why he (or she) should be the best man (or woman) for the job. Beer blogger Steve Williams said "I've been training for this day for 30 years" and on the subject of the UK's  struggling pubs he stated,  "we have to use them and booze them or we're going to lose them!" After a few second the judges reached for their score cards and up came the first '10' of the competition. Steve Williams stood as the winner and is now "London's official ale taster" (or Ale conner as was called way back in time). He will now get a weekly allowance to visit pubs and taste beers and then report back on the web with the results.
Wow, can't every town reinstate that kind of position?

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