Monday, July 19, 2010

Going to Alanya this summer? Don't miss out Red Tower Brewery!

After two weeks in Alanya, Turkey I can surely say that the best beer in Alanya is served at Red Tower Brewery - a small microbrewery close to the harbor situated in a nice old building.
It's the first microbrewery i Alanya started in 2005 and it's the second microbrewery i Turkey.
Last week when I visited the brewery they were serving their Pilsner and their Märzen, two beers that definitely is better than that Efes-lager served everywhere. The Märzen was a bit watery and had a short finish but it had all the right qualities a Märzen should have with a taste of dark bread and a dry finish. The Pilsner was really good with a perfect carbonation and a long bitterness at the end. So if you like to enjoy a freshly brewed beer while you're in Alanya don't forget to visit Red Tower Brewery, and while you're there go to the sky lounge and try their great Sushi as well.

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