Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a "Featured Beer Blogger"!

If anyone wants to know something about me, that Swedish guy who's blogging in both UK, US and Sweden, jump over to "Drink with the Wench" and read the article "Featured Beer Blogger: Pelle Stridh"
Hopefully, after reading it, you might stop by at "All about Beer - US" or here again and hopefully we can start "networking" and talk about beer across the borders. At least that's my goal, to start collaborating with you guys and girls who are devoted to everything about good, quality handcrafted beer. Thanks to all of you who already have stopped by and feel free to contact me if you have something you would like to share!


  1. I am surprise to find a blog on beer .I love reading this post i was looking for information on self catering holidays.

  2. Nice to see you're getting out and about Pelle :)


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