Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Anyone going to Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival?

In a couple of weeks the biggest, swedish beer-event takes place in Stockholm. It's time for Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. This is the nineteenth edition of the festival and this year it is extended with one extra hall - Taste Experiences. The festival is a manifestation for increased knowledge in exceptional surroundings. It is said that this Festival is ranked as the Worlds largest and most important beverage festival of its kind! The festival will be held during two following weekends, 31 of September - 2 of October and 7-9 of October.
Most of the Swedish microbreweries will be there with their "line-up" of handcrafted brews and some of them will be introducing some news as well. A lot of beer-importers and pubs will be there to show-case all their brands (probably mostly from the US and UK). Besides all the beery stuff to explore there is also the whisky festival and the new "taste experience" part. So in a way you could say it's three festivals in one. If you will be visiting give me a shout so we can meet up for a beer or two.


  1. Hi - I'm a casual (but regular) beer drinker and will be booking up flights this week to take some clients on a jolly weekend of the 7-9. As I've never been to Stockholm before and the advice about where to stay etc is scarse, any advice on my trip would be really helpful....thanks -Andreas London

  2. A nice place to stay could be the hotel Rival in the south part of Stockholm city. Then you are close to the best pubs as well. Oliwer Twist, Akkurat and Mosebacke. Sens me a mail and I'll give you more details!


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