Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shepards Neame to introduce new beer at Akkurat in Stockholm

Yesterday evening at 6 o'clock the pub Akkurat in Stockholm poured the first pint of "6 of the Best", a classic English Strong Ale with an ABV at exactly 6 %. The beer was brewed for Akkurat in the UK at Shepherd Neame to celebrate the pub's 15th anniversary. It was brewed with 6 different English malts and hops. Two significants in the beer was the slightly smoked taste (from a pinch of smoked malt) and the fact that it contains locally grown English Cascade hop. Only 16 casks of this real ale has been made so hurry to Akkurat if you want to taste it, because when the 16 casks are empty there is no more…
The beer it self had a bit yeasty smell at first, probably it smells and tastes better after a few hours, and it had a beautiful head. The color was pretty much the same as in a Bishops Finger and the flavors had the intense maltiness and just a hint of smokiness. I must say it felt very balanced and very classic, and in these days when the american "hop-bombs" make their way all over the world, it feels good to embrace this kind of classic English beer-style. With a pint of "6 of the Best" in my hand I also had the opportunity to get a few words with Oliver Scott, Head of Export Sales at Shepherd Neame, and talked about the Swedish and Brittish beer scene and how it has developed in Sweden since the early 90s when Shepherd Neame made their entrance in Sweden. Just before I left Akkurat I also had the pleasure to meet with the COO at Brewers Association (USA), Robert D. Pease, who were there for this event and also to attend at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival that continues today. We had a really interesting conversation about what's happening with the beer scene globally and also about what makes Sweden the biggest export market for American beers. A very exiting evening, with lots of good "6 of the Best" and lots of interesting people to meet. Anyone would have been very satisfied after this event but as it turned out this wasn't enough because from here I went straight to a "Beer Makers Dinner" with Mikkeller at Bishops Arms at Folkungagatan in Stockholm. But that's a completely different story.

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